Hey there!We’re your Southern Indiana Photographers & we couldn’t be more excited to share in these great moments with you!

A little about me. The two beautiful girls next to me in this life are my stunning wife Jana & my absolutely gorgeous daughter Elena Joelle… They’re way to pretty to be associated with me, I know. Im a Wedding & Lifestyle photographer based out of Bloomington, IN, though originally from the great state of Texas. I miss the beaches of Galveston most in the winters, but love the textures of fall & spring in the midwest. Coffee, travel, & friends are a great place to start making memories. I mean, those are the basic fundamentals for good stories right?… Sooooooo…

Lets talk memories… What are some memories so vivid that when you start talking about it, you can’t help but be transported to the moment it happened. Nostalgic images fill your mind. As you share these stories you can recall every detail… What you wore, who was there, the rain on the window, the smell of the leaves in the fall.These moments have life, these moments deserve to be shared.
These moments are the reason I started my journey in photography. I wanted my family to not just have the stories of who we were, or what we did, but I wanted them to have a sliver of that moment captured. An heirloom of what made them.

My hope is to be that for YOU. To document those moments for your big day, for your day with family, to tell the story of your milestone. So, hit me up! Lets chat about whats important for you & how I can help capture those moments!