Romantic & Elegant Wedding in The Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains… I mean what could be better than hiking around mountain peaks & looking across vast slopes and valleys for miles on end?! So why wouldn’t this incredible couple plan their wedding in the smoky mountains!

Glenn & Lana’s wedding day began at sunrise, as the bridal party began to wake up & get ready you could feel the energy & joy fill the entire cabin. As the girls gathered together they began to share stories of times past, childhood stories, memories of hardships, laughter as they told of the fun times they had with Lana, We couldn’t help but laugh along listening & documenting these now memories , you could tell the importance of every relationship. Glenn couldn’t help but keep talking about how anxious he was to get the wedding over with, not because it was an inconvenience or something that wasn’t important he said, but because he couldn’t wait to call her his wife.

There as the sun was going down over the mountain peaks they said their vows in front of friends & loved ones present, we couldn’t help but feel the magnitude of the scenery surrounding us, the light, the smokey mountains was all a visual analogy of this moment & those memories ahead. We couldn’t be happier for this happy couples! Congrats to The Parkers!

Jose Herrera7 Comments